Custom Art Commissions

Let us create something for you.

Where your vision meets our passion for wildlife and conservation. Each piece is a journey — from imagination to creation, bringing your unique stories to life through art. Schedule a call with us to start crafting your personalised masterpiece today.

Why Choose Marshall Pictures for Your Commission?

  • Unparalleled Artistry: Each commission is a collaboration with renowned artist Oliver Doran, whose work blends the wild's majesty with a profound narrative depth.
  • Conservation at Heart: With every piece commissioned, you contribute to wildlife preservation, with 10% of proceeds donated to conservation efforts.
  • Exclusive & Personalised: From the initial sketch to the final stroke, your commission is tailored exclusively to your preferences, ensuring a one-of-a-kind artwork.
  • Professional Collaboration: We pride ourselves on a seamless process, ensuring clear communication and satisfaction from concept to delivery.

Benefits of a Marshall Pictures Commission

  • Meaningful Artwork: Create a piece that resonates on a personal level, perfect for commemorating special moments or gifting.
  • Support a Cause: Each commission furthers the cause of animal conservation, making your artwork part of a larger mission.
  • Enhance Your Space: Elevate your home or office with a unique piece that speaks volumes about your values and aesthetic sensibilities.

Our Esteemed Clients

We're proud to have collaborated with:

  • Cartier
  • Durrell Conservation Trust
  • Belleek Castle (

Sample Commission: "Leona the Adaptable"

"Leona the Adaptable" is a testament to our commitment to capturing the essence of the natural world in a style that complements your personal or corporate space. This piece, commissioned for Jersey Zoo, showcases our dedication to detail and passion for storytelling.

The Commission Process
1. **Initial Consultation**: Schedule a call with Oliver Doran to discuss your vision, preferences, and the story you want to tell.
2. **Concept Development**: We present initial sketches and ideas based on our discussion, refining them until they perfectly match your vision.
3. **Art Creation**: Oliver Doran brings your commission to life, with regular updates and opportunities for feedback.
4. **Delivery & Installation**: Your finished artwork is prepared for delivery, with optional installation service to ensure it looks perfect in its new home.

### Testimonials
"Oliver captured the spirit of our mission beautifully. The artwork not only became a centerpiece in our office but also a conversation starter about conservation."
- [Client Name], CEO of [Company]

"The attention to detail and personalization in our commission were beyond expectations. It's truly a masterpiece that holds a special place in our hearts."
- [Client Name], [Position], [Company]

### Ready to Create Your Masterpiece?
Embark on a creative journey with Marshall Pictures and let us transform your vision into a stunning reality. Schedule a call with Oliver Doran today to discuss your custom commission.

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Your story deserves to be told through art. Let's create something extraordinary together.

The Society of Fantastic Beasts

"This art store is dedicated to my grandad, Marshall, who introduced me to a world filled with wonder. He had a passion for rare collectibles, art, and especially animals.

My journey has involved collaborations with iconic brands and celebrities. But it's always been more than just taking photos. It's about making connections, understanding stories, and capturing significant moments.

More recently, I harnessed the power of Photography, Digital Art, and AI to create the 'Society of Fantastic Beasts'. Our focus goes beyond art - we're dedicated to preserving animals and creating pieces that will be cherished for years to come!

For art collectors, interior designers, and animal enthusiasts, my work represents a distinctive blend of artistic progression and lasting value."

Visit our immersive exhibition

Enter our immersive online exhibition, where art, tech, and conservation converge. We’ve spotlighted six remarkable animals, each sadly nearing extinction. From the mysterious saola antelope to the rare Amur leopard, their tales are as riveting as they are crucial.

My Pledge

As an artist, I've always believed that art should not only inspire but also contribute positively to the world. That's why I've made a pledge that goes beyond the visual.

For every piece of art purchased 10% of the asking price will be donated to animal conservation charities.

We've partnered with PayPal Giving Fund to ensure that these contributions are automatically directed to deserving charities.

Thank you for joining me in this mission.


Oliver Doran

100% Carbon Neutral

We're proud to collaborate with a printing partner that shares our commitment to the environment. Our art printing service is entirely carbon neutral, ensuring that every print and framed artwork we produce has a minimal carbon footprint. By using sustainable materials and offsetting any emissions, we're doing our part to protect our planet. Plus, all our materials, from paper to wood, are sourced responsibly. It's our way of offering you beautiful art that's kind to the Earth.

My Photography Studio

This is where I craft portraits, blending traditional techniques with a touch of modern digital magic! My studio is in Jersey Channel Islands.

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