DIRT Charity - A Message from Olivia the Wise Orangutan 🍃

DIRT Charity - A Message from Olivia the Wise Orangutan 🍃

A Message from Olivia the Wise Orangutan 🍃

Hello young friends! My name is Olivia, a wise orangutan from the deep forests. Today, I want to share a special video with you. It's all about our beautiful Earth and how we can take care of her.

In this video, a kind human named Arizona Muse talks about a group called DIRT. They believe that our Earth is like a big, loving mother who needs our help. You see, the soil beneath our feet is very important. It's where our clothes come from, the beauty products we use, and even the paper we write on! But, sadly, our soil is getting hurt because of some things humans are doing.

But don't worry! There's good news. Arizona and her friends at DIRT are working hard to make the soil healthy again. They use something called "biodynamic farming," which is a way of growing things without hurting our Earth. It's like giving the soil a big, warm hug!

So, if you want to learn more and see how you can help our Earth, watch this video. Remember, even though we're young, we can make a big difference. Let's take care of our planet together!

Sending you leafy hugs, Olivia 🌿🐒

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