Leona's Grand Appearance on Gallery Magazine's Cover

Leona's Grand Appearance on Gallery Magazine's Cover

I'm absolutely chuffed to see our very own Leona taking the spotlight on Gallery Magazine's cover! This is a monumental moment for both Marshall.Pictures and me, Oliver Doran.

My journey from a young design enthusiast to a recognised photographer has been nothing short of exciting. The "Society of Fantastic Beasts" project, a blend of traditional photography and AI, is particularly dear to me. It's a nod to my grandad, Marshall Doran, and the tales and dreams that he shared.

Here's the link to the interview: https://www.gallery.je/features/the-society-of-fantastic-beasts/ 

At Oliver Doran Studios in St Helier Jersey, every photo session is a delightful experience. Whether it's a celebrity or someone from our local community, everyone gets the star treatment.

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Cheers, Oliver Marshall Doran

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