Why I Create: A Glimpse into My Passion

Why I Create: A Glimpse into My Passion

Q&A with Oliver Doran, the Photographer behind Marshall Pictures


Q: Oliver, you've worked with some of the world's most recognisable faces and brands. Can you tell us about some of the most memorable moments in your photography journey?

A: Absolutely. Having captured luminaries like Robert De Niro and Roger Federer, my journey through photography has been both diverse and deep. It's not just about the celebrities or high-end campaigns for brands like Cartier and Chanel; it's about capturing the essence of humanity. Whether I'm in aristocratic halls for a campaign shoot or capturing intimate, raw moments with those living on the streets, my lens seeks beauty everywhere.

Q: Marshall.Pictures stands out for its innovative fusion of photography and AI, especially with the "Society of Fantastic Beasts". What inspired this blend of the real and the fantastical?

A: I've always been intrigued by technology, particularly the domains of science fiction and AI. Growing up in a digital age, my interest naturally dovetailed with my photographic journey. AI offered me unparalleled opportunities in creating digital art, merging technical prowess with artistic imagination. My love for animals, combined with this tech, birthed pieces that mirror my real-world style and narrative, giving birth to the "Society of Fantastic Beasts".

Q: Speaking of AI, your recent experiments with AI-generated images of animals and even people from the past sound intriguing. How do you see the future of photography evolving with AI?

A: AI, especially generative AI, offers limitless possibilities. I began experimenting with iconic figures from history, as well as animals that either never had their photos taken or are on the brink of extinction. Through AI, I can narrate their stories, sparking discussions on topics like conservation. Photography, at its core, is about storytelling. With AI, I can tell stories otherwise lost to time, and that's profoundly exciting.

Q: When do you feel the need to create?

A: The urge to create is almost ceaseless. Whether I'm in my studio capturing personalities, diving into someone's life story, or lost in the world of fantasy dreaming of photographing animals, the need to create is ever-present. There are moments of solitude, times when I step back to recharge, but even then, my mind teems with ideas, reflections, and inspirations.

Q: Why do you create? What drives this need?

A: At its core, creating is my way of expressing, connecting, and sharing. Photography allows me to show people what I see, what I experience. It's more than just capturing images; it's about archiving moments, stories, legacies. My love for technology, especially AI, has opened new avenues, letting me tell stories otherwise lost to time. My deep connection with animals, my empathic nature, and my fascination with the world drive this incessant need to create and share.


Q: Lastly, with Marshall.Pictures stepping into the realm of NFTs, what's next on the horizon for you?

A: With Marshall.Pictures, I aim to create a space that blends the boundaries of traditional photography and digital art. Being accepted into the exclusive makers place for NFTs opens up new avenues to explore. The core of my message remains: whether it's a photograph or an NFT, it's the story, connection, and experience that matter most.

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